Competition: 2019-20 Night Photography

Competition Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2020 12:00 AM

Maximum pixel width for images: 1400
Maximum pixel height for images: 1050

Maximum title length: 2000 characters.
Image Sequences are not permitted.

Competition Definition

This involves images that are taken deep into the night as well as those at dusk and dawn.  This category encompasses all subject matter and will likely requite special some special techniques and equipment (ie tripod) in order to capture a suitable image.  Night photography usually requires long exposures in order to compensate for the low light. Light trails from vehicles, the spinning lights of amusement rides, bright firework bursts high in the sky, star trails in a clear dark sky and the millions of stars in the Milky Way over a log cabin or snow capped mountain are all excellent examples of night photography.

Note: Images showing any part of the sun will be rejected!!

Comments for this Competition

Judges: Website Judges: Peter Coombes, Janina O'Sullivan, Cameron Palmer, Dan Sigouin, James Tworow, Peter Coombes, Cameron Palmer, Janina O'Sullivan, Dan Sigouin, James Tworow

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